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The Big Issue

Digital progress is inevitable. The algorithms become more and more sophisticated every day. 

That's great news for us. But how does our planet feel about it?

Our Planet Is in Pain

Загрязнение окружающей среды

Our Environment Is in Trouble

Humanity has done a lot to poison the planet. The environmental problems we face today are only the beginning of unchangeable dramatic consequences. There is very little time left to do something before it's too late.

It Concerns Everyone...

The Demographic Changes 

The number of our population decreases. People suffer from hunger, lack of necessary resources, incurable diseases. People refuse to have children because they do not have enough resources to bring them up.

How Many Other Wars Do We Need?

The Cost of Peace

The world we are living in produces too many weapons. The intense relationships between countries may lead to world wars and, as a result, destroy the world as we know it. Is it our final goal? Hopefully, it is not. What do we need to do to ensure peace? Peace is something we really need.

Do We Want the Oceans to Vanish?

Ocean Resources Are Limited

The harmful idea people have is that the resources of our planet will never end. The consumerism attitude towards everything puts us into a trap. Chemical waste and tons of garbage let us know that we are going in the wrong direction. We destroy the water habitat and ourselves as well.

The Planet's Resources Are Limited 
We Need to Stop Overusing Them

The Energy Does not Last Forever

People have lost control and use too many resources to get energy. If we do not stop today, the reservoirs of minerals can go empty. Our lives depend on energy and we overuse the resources too much.

We Are Unstoppable. Now We Need to Conquer the Space 

How Far Will We Go? 

Exploring Space is exciting but also harmful to our planet. Every time we launch a spacecraft, we harm the upper layers of atmosphere. And don't forget about all the garbage we leave in space. 

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